talking points on ACA

A very short bullet points to counter GOP proposal A Better Way (to replace Obamacare):

  • you say that everyone will benefit paying less into the system. Less in means less out; less money in means less health care altogether. Some people will have less care than they have now. Who?
  • health insurance is a system of collecting money and disbursing it to health care providers. Lowering medical expenses is impossible without addressing reorganizing HC delivery. A Better Way contains virtually no ideas at all on that. Why?
  • A Better Way is focussed on flexibility for insurance companies, on enabling them to (price- and condition-) differentiate between the customers. This is giving market power to insurers, not people. Why?
  • A Better Way promises not coverage, but access. Access at high cost is exactly what you decry in ACA. Why push for it in A Better Way?
  • Less money into the system, besides less care, means lost good American jobs in health industry. Is this that you want?

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