Rodney on cruelty

For whatever reason, dear Rodney decided to start the Memorial Day recess week with a call to cut federal funding of Medicaid and other programs - read, Medicare. The explanations are pretty standard: "[a]n unsustainable national debt of $20 trillion that's going to be passed on to the next generation," is, according to him, "cruel". He adds... Continue Reading →


repeal? replace? repair?

When a politician talks as if he is slightly drunk, it is more often than not an attempt to hide. So, let's not ridicule Rep. Davis' recent radio performance at WILL, but rather try to extract some explicit promises and ask him to confirm or reject the stated position. He explicitly says that the framework... Continue Reading →

action plan for the week of 1.16.17

As we know, politicians find it easiest to lie when asked about big things in a format forcing short answers. "Everything will be marvelous", they say. Well, there should be some fine print there... Rodney Davis is essentially hiding from his voters lately, to avoid, we guess, the need to run through the backdoor, like... Continue Reading →

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