Rodney on cruelty

For whatever reason, dear Rodney decided to start the Memorial Day recess week with a call to cut federal funding of Medicaid and other programs - read, Medicare. The explanations are pretty standard: "[a]n unsustainable national debt of $20 trillion that's going to be passed on to the next generation," is, according to him, "cruel". He adds... Continue Reading →


all of the above, but some of all are more above than others

We got a friendly email today from Mr. Davis, reporting his thoughts on the environment. What can one expect from someone like Rodney? Right, platitudes like these: As a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus I am committed to protecting, conserving, and being a good steward of the environment in ways that are economically viable... Continue Reading →

shades of corruption

The latest salvo Rep. Davis fired in his tireless fight on our behalf was at a politician, corrupt and mentally infirm, who is continuing to abuse the state resources in legal but morally reprehensible ways. Rodney Davis wants to stop this politician. “It’s unfortunate when anyone games the system, but it’s especially disappointing when it’s... Continue Reading →

how not to talk to an experienced liar

First of all, do not fall into the standard trap: that of creating a bond that would make it difficult for you to confront them. All those pats on the back, extended handshakes, chit-chat about what are you doing and where you are from are easy for them, but make it harder for you to... Continue Reading →


Us? yes, very - the semester end is taxing, as usual. But Rodney, what about him? After two weeks of Easter schmoozing in the District, you would expect him to overwhelm you with news about his new legislative initiatives, and important speeches. Nothing like this happening, and his Twitter and Facebook accounts are silent for... Continue Reading →

It’s Even Worse Than It Looks

Our little group is hosting a second event (following the successful one on ACA), a Public Discussion, in Champaign Public Library, at 7pm on Monday, April 17. The presentation slides. Media Kit Borrowing the title of the Mann and Ornstein book on the dysfunction of the US Congress seems appropriate when discussing what Mr. Davis... Continue Reading →

Rodney’s willing helpers

If you got involved with politics and follow the twitter or FB account of a provincial House Representative, you know that his or her feed is normally full of cheerful reports of meetings with some nice sounding organizations, with obligatory pictures of your member of congress engaged with the smiling representatives of whatever they represent. Our dear... Continue Reading →

spreading wealth around

This week, our dear Rodney is deflecting attention (from his disastrous support of disastrous American Hell Care Act) using the crowd pleaser - disasters. (What politician isn't enjoying a little tornado here or there? Cameras will be there, for sure, heroes will provide some patriotic background, and a middle-aged guy whose biggest danger in life... Continue Reading →

bill recycling, take 2.

When I first realized that our dear Rodney is engaging in the recycling - taking some past bill and reintroducing it as a new one, - I thought this is just an anomaly, a jerky gesture of a nervous striving back-bencher squeezed between the directives of the bosses (to promote the American Hell Care Act) and... Continue Reading →

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