RAD13: Real Americans for District 13

Illinois 13, our protean, ever shape-changing congressional district, elected a representative whom a generous observer would rank as one of the most boring GOP hacks ever in existence – Rep. Rodney Davis.

We could live with it, were it not for the election to the highest office in the US of (arguably) the basest reactionary in the history of this nation.

Having a Trump enabler in Congress claiming to represent us all is not an option. This site aims to serve as a platform to get Rep. Davis to rethink his mindless following the party line, or to leave the business of politics – for good.

Good folks from insidegov.com collected most of what we need to know about our God fearing, Social-Security-be-privatized representative: explore away.

Rep. Davis’ contacts – just a click away:

Call DC office, 202-225-2371.

Call C-U office, 217-403-4690

email: rodney.davis@mail.house.gov

It is useful to see when the House is in session, and when the Representatives are at home:


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