RodsterWatch™ 7.23-29

What Rod's Peddling: Rod is very proud about voting for the sanctions on Russia/Iran/North Korea.  There are many strange things about the bill, with the only unquestionably good provision disabling the predisent from subverting sanctions on Russia. Grandstanding: Scalise! Government printers talk to Rod! Officers killed on duty 19 years ago (two times - how to... Continue Reading →


RodsterWatch™ 7.16-22

What Rod's Peddling: The centerpiece of last week's public interaction was, of course, the "TeleTownHall", the infamous Putin-style show where pre-moderated questions serve as seeds for unchallengeable statements. Rodney's official Twitter outline of the event starts here. We wrote about just one small lie; there were many more, of course. We will return to this... Continue Reading →

Davis lies about pre-existing condition bill

In the wake of the "teletownhall", where Rep. Davis again boasted of his bill that "protects those with pre-existing conditions" (a caveat: we did not waste our time listening to the noise of this propaganda exercise, so we relied on the twitter outline, provided by Rodney's staff), it is important to return to this bill,... Continue Reading →

Rodster watch™: 7.9-15

With this we introduce a (hopefully, regular) weekly feature, Rodster Watch™. We'll track what Representative Davis is doing in the District and in DC. If you have additions or corrections, please comment! What Rod's peddling: National Defense Authorization Act: NDAA'18 is a yearly act funding US defense. Its passage in Congress is usually a Kabuki... Continue Reading →

Tax magicians

The GOP in the House is about to start muddling through tax reform. As it has become a pattern, the big initiative relies on Paul Ryan's legislative dreams, in this case his proposal, still called "A Better Way". A little media offensive followed: the House Committee on Ways and Means unveiled their big announcement and began... Continue Reading →

on legislative violence

If there is one recurrent nightmare that plagues us under the Trump regime, it's the thought of a major terror attack and the kind of leverage it would give to the administration. It's hard to shake off the feeling that crude mismanagement of virtually every policy the administration can control serves just this purpose, to... Continue Reading →

on public discussions

The protests last Friday at our Representative Rodney Davis' office in Champaign again highlighted the key question - does he have an obligation to interact with the voters in a public forum, or is it just fine for him to have short meetings with small groups of constituents now and then. The question is important as it... Continue Reading →

small steps for the Big Lie

Hitler famously claimed that a Big Lie is easier to plant in the minds of the broad population, essentially because they themselves would be ashamed to lie so blatantly, and thus naively assume that their politicians would be ashamed to do so as well. Oh, simpletons. Even Rodney Davis mastered the easy art of bold... Continue Reading →

Rodney’s willing helpers

If you got involved with politics and follow the twitter or FB account of a provincial House Representative, you know that his or her feed is normally full of cheerful reports of meetings with some nice sounding organizations, with obligatory pictures of your member of congress engaged with the smiling representatives of whatever they represent. Our dear... Continue Reading →

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