how not to talk to an experienced liar

First of all, do not fall into the standard trap: that of creating a bond that would make it difficult for you to confront them. All those pats on the back, extended handshakes, chit-chat about what are you doing and where you are from are easy for them, but make it harder for you to... Continue Reading →



Us? yes, very - the semester end is taxing, as usual. But Rodney, what about him? After two weeks of Easter schmoozing in the District, you would expect him to overwhelm you with news about his new legislative initiatives, and important speeches. Nothing like this happening, and his Twitter and Facebook accounts are silent for... Continue Reading →

It’s Even Worse Than It Looks

Our little group is hosting a second event (following the successful one on ACA), a Public Discussion, in Champaign Public Library, at 7pm on Monday, April 17. The presentation slides. Media Kit Borrowing the title of the Mann and Ornstein book on the dysfunction of the US Congress seems appropriate when discussing what Mr. Davis... Continue Reading →

ACA forum: you learn more than you paid for

We just had a public forum on ACA fate. It was a great event, where everybody learned a lot, where the discussion was not stopped by obvious differences in positions, and where the words had meanings. Only when you have such an event, you realize, how good it feels, when words do have a meaning... Anyway - here... Continue Reading →

On Tele-“Town Hall”, again – what to expect, and what to do.

The event our fickle Representative Rodney Davis is running tomorrow is competing in terms of incompetence and contortions with the Big League clowns of the famous White House. Announced with two days advance notice, originally with a wrong date, and still - on the date of the event! - without a time ("Depend[ing] on the... Continue Reading →

not even a weasel

An interview with Rep. Davis (IL13) was aired yesterday, 1.20, on WILL-AM. He said many things, to which we will return later, but was pressed repeatedly on one issue – how he voted on the infamous attempt by the House Republicans to make the Office of Congressional Ethics report to the very folks they are supposed... Continue Reading →

Still there

Many thanks to all who called today! Rodney Davis, as it turned out, was not hiding from us. He was bravely opening a new road segment connecting his hometown, Taylorville, IL, to the state capital. Governor Rauner was there, Rep. Shimkus (the dear mentor of our hero), and "many other leaders" (but not the orange... Continue Reading →

action plan for the week of 1.16.17

As we know, politicians find it easiest to lie when asked about big things in a format forcing short answers. "Everything will be marvelous", they say. Well, there should be some fine print there... Rodney Davis is essentially hiding from his voters lately, to avoid, we guess, the need to run through the backdoor, like... Continue Reading →

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