RodsterWatch™ 7.23-29

What Rod’s Peddling:

  • Rod is very proud about voting for the sanctions on Russia/Iran/North Korea.  There are many strange things about the bill, with the only unquestionably good provision disabling the predisent from subverting sanctions on Russia.
  • Grandstanding: Scalise! Government printers talk to Rod! Officers killed on duty 19 years ago (two times – how to miss this opportunity!)… Money for Capitol Police officers!
  • Statement on the failure of ObamaCare Repeal and Replace. Besides maniacally recycling a couple of talking points on why ACA is failing, there is not a word about Democrats, who Rod routinely claimed to be the key culprits of the slow advancement of the repeal and replace process. Now he just blamed the Senate.
  • Indeed, GOPniks in the Congress seem to have completely lost any ability to govern. Unless the bills are routine ones tweaking of the existing processes, or symbolic, condemning this or that or renaming a post office, or technical bills written by the industry, they are just unable to create any viable piece of legislation. Rod complained here that Democrats (and quite a few GOPniks) braked a couple of bills, – that were pushed through a limited debate process, reserved traditionally for legislation where an agreement between parties has been reached. The House GOP led by the strategic genius Paul Ryan decided that – whatever they decided, they forgot to secure the support for the bills, which tanked.
    This is what inevitably happens when a Party is manned mostly by brainless Congressfolks like Rodney. Without internal discussions, they are unable to foretell even the most natural moves by an opponent, and have to cope with embarrassing failures over and over and over again.

Legislative work:

  • Voting:
    • This week, our Congress watching activities fell victims to birds and waterfalls watching (we won’t pretend we are sad). We will update this section later, including our piercing analysis of the legislative gems like HR 1058, “To amend title 38, United States Code, to clarify the role of podiatrists in the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Bills cosponsored
  • Committees:
    • The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee looked at the bill H.R.437 requesting details of the lease agreement of the Old Post Office – the building infamously hosting Trump’s hotel (or the bribes submission box, as some suspect) – to see who are other participants in the murky deal.
      So how did Rodney vote? Rodney, this fierce proponent of a radically open government? He voted, of course, to kill the bill, together with all GOP members of the committee, with the sole exception of quirky Rep. Sanford. Democrats, as usual, decided to “play political games”, did not side with “bipartisan” Rodney and lost their bid to shed light on Trump’s dealings…
    • The NAFTA renegotiation hearing was a careful maneuvering aimed at making just enough noises to make sure farmers heard that the members (Rodney!) don’t want NAFTA killed (that would hurt agricultural counties enormously), but not too loud to draw administration’s random fits of ire.

Department of the Bizarre:

Rod’s staff inability to master their language of a press release still amazes us. In hist statement on North Korea/Russia/Iran sanctions quoted above, what is the “measurable” response we must have? Why Rod insists on calling for “sanctions on persons responsible for human rights that are internationally recognized”? Why he thinks the sanctions hit those “conducting cyber activity on behalf of the Russian government” (like, maintaining a web site of Duma)?

I thought for a while that Rod’s office tries to match dramatic incompetence of the White House staff, but a check of their pressers from ’15 convinced me that Rod people’s inability to express themselves is nothing new. Well, if we want coherent press-releases, we just have to ditch the robot…


  • Morning 7.24 interview on 550 KTRS, in person in StL. (Monday morning, Congress in session… Late for work, Rod? Missing your prayer and pledge of allegiance? But al)
  • Pantagraph reports Rodney’s views on ObamaCare repeal…

What we expect will matter next week:



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