RodsterWatch™ 7.16-22

What Rod’s Peddling:

  • The centerpiece of last week’s public interaction was, of course, the “TeleTownHall”, the infamous Putin-style show where pre-moderated questions serve as seeds for unchallengeable statements. Rodney’s official Twitter outline of the event starts here. We wrote about just one small lie; there were many more, of course. We will return to this event soon, as we see it as significant in several respects.
  • Three bizarre tweets on history of his “bipartisan” work with Obama (mostly to dilute Obama’s initiatives, of course).
  • Made in America and Tax Reform: press releasescribble on medium (repeating the nonsense debunked here). Also, a tweet on Caterpillar represented in Made in America WH week
  • Tweetstorm in support of AHCA, mostly about unsustainability of Medicaid.
  • Grandstanding: Capitol police tweet; tweet on McCain; Apollo 11 Moon mission, for Christ sake!
  • A press release proclaims: “Davis Helps Secure Funding for UIUC Bioenergy Research Center”! Well, he wrote a short boiler-plate letter to the DOE advocating on behalf of the UIUC’s application for federal funding. Click here to view the letter. Really, soon he will be announcing that each new research grant to UofI scientists is thanks to his fighting for us.

  • Rodney advocates for  Border Adjustment Tax in a somewhat vague tweet. Important to remind his voters that Walmart is against it for a reason – their prices would jump.

Legislative work:

Department of the Bizarre:

This week singularly strange thing is a poll (in fact, an e-mail/donation request campaign) where Rod was asking which of the following: Tax Reform, Budget, Infrastructure or Farm Bill are most important topics in front of the Congress. The results are here. Health Care? KremlinGate? eh, who cares…


  • Two stories (“Republican voters will be angry if Obamacare Is Not Repealed”, and tax reform) on Illinois News Network, a budding media outlet of Illinois Policy Institute (Rauner sponsored, libertarian “think” tank). They love our bipartisan Rod.
  • Rodney (and LaHood) join Trump on Herald-Tribune in nudging Senate to move Obamacare repeal ahead.
  • Local press marvels at Rodney’s campaign fund.
  • Rodney’s view on Russiagate, in SJ-R:
    “There are currently three ongoing investigations looking into all aspects of Russia’s attempt to influence our elections and I think it’s important they continue their work. But I refuse to let this get in the way of the work we’re doing to directly help people in the 13th District…”
    Oh, how familiar this line is to us, ex-Soviet citizens: mind your small business, do not get distracted by issues that are far from you…
  • He talked to FOXBusiness about the need for bipartisanship (somehow understood as Democrats in Congress providing their votes whenever some Republicans dissent).
  • Here’s Rawstory sounding puzzled about what kind of voters could elect a congressman saying something like this:
    “Our bill is simply that, it’s a fix,” Davis insisted. “In Washington, when we repeal any law, we do something as simple as replace it with other language. So we have repealed and replaced. But in essence, that’s all a fix that happens on every bill that we pass in Washington.”
    Well, dear coastal elitists, we’re working on it.
  • Call in interview on 7.18 at WJBC

What we expect will matter next week:

(it is a last week in DC before the planned long recess; a lot of things can and will suddenly pop up in front of the Representatives.)

  • For grandstanding purposes, a slew of laws addressing veteran’s needs. Expect a lot of noise!
  • Defense appropriation bill sets actual amounts of money for the military.
  • Agriculture Committee hearing on NAFTA should be interesting.

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