all of the above, but some of all are more above than others

We got a friendly email today from Mr. Davis, reporting his thoughts on the environment. What can one expect from someone like Rodney? Right, platitudes like these:

As a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus I am committed to protecting, conserving, and being a good steward of the environment in ways that are economically viable for American citizens….

(and so on). It is funny, of course, that he did not mention that he is a member of the Coal Caucus, but who counts these Caucuses, he is a member of dozens of them…

Coal is clearly on Mr. Davis’ mind. In the tweet below he admires Scott Pruit, the EPA head, talking how important coal is to maim and sicken miners, and to help corporations to extract natural rent, or, as they put it in newspeak, to our energy independence. (You put out these solar panels, and you are forever at mercy of Ra, an Egyptian. See? dependence!)

But who knows!? we decided to check (trust but verify) whether Mr. Davis is such a “consistent supporte[r of] an “all of the above” approach” as he claims he is, and did a few searches in the Congressional Records of Member Remarks using the standard search tool.

Here are the results. When searched for mentions of coal, we got respectable 21 pages. A word of caution is due however – this search just gives you the co-occurrences of Mr. Davis’ name next to discussions involving coal. An imperfect tool, but still, a tool.

Anyway, here are some results:

coal”   21
“oil”      37
“natural gas” 20
“all of the above” 11
“clean energy” 5
“nuclear energy” 3
“solar energy” 4
“ethanol” 4
“wind energy” 1

I’ll leave it to you to draw not really surprising conclusion. Perhaps, the best summary would be the last search:

“protect environment” No results match your search criteria.

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