Us? yes, very – the semester end is taxing, as usual. But Rodney, what about him? After two weeks of Easter schmoozing in the District, you would expect him to overwhelm you with news about his new legislative initiatives, and important speeches. Nothing like this happening, and his Twitter and Facebook accounts are silent for second day in a row.

What is going on?

Well, ACHA 2.0 is going on. Rodney, remember, has no life outside of GOP structures, and is going up in the ranks. This means, that doing what Paul Ryan asks our robotic Representatives is the key priority – and the Party is asking Rodney to commit a political suicide in a purple Congressional District like ours: to push (not just to vote – to corral the undecided fellow GOPers) for passage of the new, crueler version of the Obamacare replacement.

This is not easy. So the negotiations are going on: what Rodney will be guaranteed in case the bill will become a law? Because this is the most feared outcome of the process: ACHA2.0 is bad enough to send to retirement scores of those who voted for it, Rodney or not.

We will see the results of the negotiations soon enough. The outcome is almost certain: Rodney will support enthusiastically the bill, explaining that it gives the states necessary flexibility to make the health care so so much super-duper, bigger, better, better. And that if the preexisting conditions coverage is dropped, it is the states, not his fault.

So, in a few short hours we will hear from Rodney: the usual cruel garbage.

Be prepared. Make your call, but first and foremost, get ready for the elections. The real fight is then and there.

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