It’s Even Worse Than It Looks

Our little group is hosting a second event (following the successful one on ACA), a Public Discussion, in Champaign Public Library, at 7pm on Monday, April 17.

The presentation slides.

Media Kit

Borrowing the title of the Mann and Ornstein book on the dysfunction of the US Congress seems appropriate when discussing what Mr. Davis is actually doing while representing our District IL-13 in the House of Representatives.

Some of his actions – around health care reform, for example – were front and center of the public attention. Yet, that’s a small fraction of what he and his fellow members of Congress are doing there. In this public forum we plan to survey the broad spectrum of Mr. Davis’ activities as a Representative, to help ourselves to make informed decisions in November ’18.

Come! the event Facebook page is here, – but no need to register: knowledge is free.

Think about it, Rodney.


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