bill recycling, take 2.

When I first realized that our dear Rodney is engaging in the recyclingtaking some past bill and reintroducing it as a new one, – I thought this is just an anomaly, a jerky gesture of a nervous striving back-bencher squeezed between the directives of the bosses (to promote the American Hell Care Act) and brewing voters revolt.

Little I knew (really). Bill recycling seems to be a regular exercise by our little Congressmen. Today, not three weeks after the instance we described earlier, Rodney proudly announces another one, a Partnership to Build America Act, cosponsored with Rep. Delaney. Again, the bill is just a slight variation of what Delaney introduced, and Rodney co-sponsored 4 years ago (including the reverse Dutch auctions – would be fun to chat with Rodney about them).

Did it work back then? No. Did nasty Obama or malicious Soros torpedo it? No, – the bill just peacefully died in committees. Perhaps now is good time for passage of the pleasant from both sides legislative initiative? Sure, kids, just as the Agent Orange with Squeaker Ryan prepare for a massive overhaul of the tax system (which will be beautiful, we are promised). Just kidding – this bill goes nowhere.

So what the hell? Nothing: smokes and mirrors, the bill means nothing else. Press exposure, some grandstanding… But not harmless, not at all. In other times one might look at these empty motions as a just somewhat expensive but ultimately innocuous vanity plays. Not now. Not when Rodney is one of the enablers, when he is busily trying to obscure the damage he is about to inflict on his voters.

Rodney was merely petty and silly in the old good times – till Nov. 8, 2016. Now he is serving the evil, and his every smallest action does the same – enables a growing monster.

Even if it just a nonsensical bill about reverse Dutch auctions.


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